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Renderings cottage: Francisco Avileo (A3D infografía).

Site: Valdepeñas (Ciudad Real – Spain)

Proyect date: 2018.

Client: Fidel Piña Sánchez – Architect.    www.arquitectofidelpiñ

Description: On this occasion, taking advantage of the most powerful part of the house where the swimming pool was located, three renderings were created where we showed the main finishes of the project, such as the English brick for the façade and black slate for the roof, and by means of a sunset lighting we were able to enhance its appearance even more, causing a great contrast with the environment surrounding the house. In the interior we proposed to make two renderings, a general one in which we can see the living area with the kitchen in the background and another one focusing more on the kitchen, in this way we can appreciate in detail the materials and the furniture that would be used later.