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Renderings: Francisco Avileo (A3D infografía).

Site: Pozuelo de Calatrava (Ciudad Real – Spain).

Proyect date: 2019.

Client: Manufacturas Chacón Sánchez S.L.

Description: For this commission, the objective was to show the new range of office furniture that the company was going to manufacture, so we made a total of 36 rendering in which we recreated different environments, such as offices, meeting rooms, conference rooms, receptions, classrooms, etc. With the furniture as the undisputed protagonists of the renders, we were able to show both their finishes and details, as well as the appropriate use for which they are intended.
All these rendering are included, for exhibition and sale, in the company’s catalogue. At the request of the client, for reasons of the sale itself, we can only include 5 of the 36 environments made.